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Location: A
Phone: Unlisted
Categories: Food
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Location: 24
Phone: 570.454.4215
Categories: Eats and Sweets
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Location: 6
Website: Visit Website
Categories: Eats and Sweets
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Location: 1
Categories: Department Store
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Location: 37
Categories: Shoes
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Location: 8
Categories: Jewelry & Accesories
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Location: K12
Categories: Electronics/Music/Cell Phones
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Location: 57
Categories: Specialty
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Laurel Mall

Laurel Mall
Wax N Wood Laurel Mall Storage Victorias Candies TJ Maxx Petables Puppy Boutique Taco Bell T–Mobile Subway Sam-Son Productions Studio Ripa Jewelers Sneaker King Rue21 PA Skill Games-Laurel Mall Gift Certificates Reviello Insurance Agency Regal Cinema Provost Shoes Piercing Pagoda Perfect Brows Payless Shoe Source Boardwalk Gifts Simply Outerwear Old Navy NTX Wireless/Verizon Wireless Northeastern Eye Institute No Question Treasure Hunt Nail Art Metro PCS McDonald’s Maurices M & T Bank LOVE-IPRO Watch Repair Laurel Mall Management Office Holiday Hair Fashions Grand Central Gold 2 Cash GNC Gertrude Hawk Chocolates Gamestop Spark Orthodontics Fix A Phone Five Star Chinese Restaurant Dunham’s Sports Dollar Tree Your Finishing Touch Cricket Wireless Cost Cutters Hair Care Salad Delight Claire’s Boutique Cigar Box Cell Fashion/Boost Mobile Brackney Leather Laurel Mall Storage Boscov’s Bogart’s Sports Bar Sam-Son Productions Future Office Benigna’s Creek Wine Shoppe BB&T Bank Bath Fitter Auntie Anne’s Hand-Rolled Pretzels & Planet Smoothie Aldi Available Bath & Body Works Footlocker Nara Beauty Supply Shoe Department Encore Caffe Europa Verizon Wireless New Chinese Massage Available Available Available

Wax N Wood

Location: 35A

Contact: 570.430.3012

Laurel Mall Storage

Victorias Candies

Location: 7A

Contact: 570.455.6345

TJ Maxx

Location: 19.22

 Contact: 570.459.0370

Petables Puppy Boutique

Location: 49

Contact: 570.861.8411

Taco Bell

Location: N

Contact: 570.455.4711


Location: 31

Contact: 570.497.4966


Location: 26

Contact: 570.454.8336

Sam-Son Productions Studio

Location: 44A 


Ripa Jewelers

Location: 16

Contact: 570.455.3451

Sneaker King

Location: 11

Contact: 570.501.1177


Location: 13

Contact: 570.450.0187

PA Skill Games-Laurel Mall Gift Certificates

Location: 45

Contact: 570.956.4699

Reviello Insurance Agency

Location: 58

Contact: 570.499.0504

Regal Cinema

Location: 0

Contact: 570.450.7340

Provost Shoes

Location: 23

Contact: 570.455.7704

Piercing Pagoda

Location: K3

Contact: 570.454.1496

Perfect Brows

Location: K5

Contact: 908.768.1000

Payless Shoe Source

Location: 37

Contact: 570.454.2890

Boardwalk Gifts

Location: 12 

Contact: 570.391.9103

Simply Outerwear

Location: 17 

No Phone

Old Navy

Location: 3

Contact: 570.453.0171

NTX Wireless/Verizon Wireless

Location: P

Contact: 570.579.0200

Northeastern Eye Institute

Location: 50

Contact: 570.455.5498

No Question

Location: 36

Contact: 570.591.0163

Treasure Hunt

Location: 10 

Contact: 570.459.4966

Nail Art

Location: 41

Contact: 570.455.0664

Metro PCS

Location: 5

Contact: 570.501.0128


Location: D

Contact: 570.455.8315


Location: 53

Contact: 570.454.3980

M & T Bank

Location:: 29B

Contact: 570.450.7830

LOVE-IPRO Watch Repair

Location: 8 

Contact: 570.269.3092

Laurel Mall Management Office

Location: 44 

Contact: 570.454.2100

Holiday Hair Fashions

Location: 42

Contact: 570.454.9425

Grand Central

Location: 55
Contact: 570.454.9425

Gold 2 Cash

Location: 4A

Contact: 570.862.0277


Location: 6A
Contact: 570.455.0291

Gertrude Hawk Chocolates

Location: 15

Contact: 570.454.8490


Location: 7

Contact: 570.453.1966

Spark Orthodontics

Location: B 

No Phone

Fix A Phone

Location: K4

Contact: 570.501.1801

Five Star Chinese Restaurant

Location: C1-2

Contact: 570.455.3478

Dunham’s Sports

Location: 61

Contact: 570.455.0914

Dollar Tree

Location: A1A

Contact: 570.455.8536

Your Finishing Touch

Location: 38 
Contact: 717.679.5628

Cricket Wireless

Location: K14

 Contact: 570.497.4771

Cost Cutters Hair Care

Location: 25

Contact: 570.454.4432

Salad Delight

Location: 6 
No Phone

Claire’s Boutique

Location: 46
Contact: 570.459.2117

Cigar Box

Location: 56
Contact: 570.459.3099

Cell Fashion/Boost Mobile

Location: K4

Contact: 570.501.1801

Brackney Leather

Location: 9 

Contact: 570.861.8131

Laurel Mall Storage

Location: 2



Location: 39

Contact: 570.455.9561

Bogart’s Sports Bar

Location: A2

Contact: No Phone

Sam-Son Productions Future Office

Location: 57 

Contact: 570.455.7267

Benigna’s Creek Wine Shoppe

Location: 54

Contact: 570.501.0608

BB&T Bank

Location: E

Contact: 570.459.4350×4

Bath Fitter

Location: 4

Contact: 570.762.4872

Auntie Anne’s Hand-Rolled Pretzels & Planet Smoothie

Location: 24
Contact: 570.454.4215


Location: A-A1

Contact: Unlisted


Location : 1

Bath & Body Works

Location: 48A-B

Contact: 570.450.7492



Location:: 15A

Contact: 570.459.9850


Nara Beauty Supply

Location:: 35

Contact: 570.369.3110


Shoe Department Encore

Location: 33

Contact: 570.455.5747


Caffe Europa

Location:: 29

Contact: 570.454.1569


Verizon Wireless

Location:: K12

Contact: 570.455.9410


New Chinese Massage

Location: 6B

Contact: 570.861.8500



Location: B

Contact: 570.454.2100



Location: A2A

Contact: 570.454.2100



Location: 480

Contact: 570.454-2100