The Laurel Mall – Laurel Mall

Laurel Mall

Laurel Mall
Hazleton Area School District Supply Store MG Clothing Victoria's Candies TJ Maxx Petables Puppy Boutique Taco Bell T–Mobile Subway Samson Productions Studio Ripa Jewelers Sneaker King Rue21 PA Skill Games-Laurel Mall Gift Certificates Reviello Insurance Agency Regal Cinema Provost Shoes Piercing Pagoda Perfect Brows Mariano's Furniture Many HomeGoods/Royal Prestige Old Navy TCC/Verizon Available-Office Space Wild Bunny-Women's & Children's No Question Nail Art Metro PCS McDonald’s Maurices M&T Bank D'Jesus Jewelers Laurel Mall Management Office Holiday Hair Fashions Slime Universe Artisan Cottage and Crystals GNC Gertrude Hawk Chocolates Ambrose Hearing Center Spark Orthodontics Fix A Phone Five Star Chinese Restaurant Dunham’s Sports Dollar Tree Cricket Wireless Maritza's Hair Braiding & Extensions 2 Go Food Claire’s Boutique Cigar Box Cell Fashion/Boost Mobile House of Envy Laurel Mall Storage Boscov’s Bogart's Sports Bar Mountain Valley Family Martial Arts Truist Bank D'Jesus Jewelers Auntie Anne’s Hand-Rolled Pretzels & Planet Smoothie Aldi Planet Fitness Bath & Body Works Footlocker Shoe Department Encore Caffe Europa New Chinese Massage Available-former Ground Round The RC Shop Genevieve's Deli Hobby Lobby The RC Shop House of Envy Samson Productions Office Tri-State Security Solutions TMobile/GP Mobile Hazleton Area School District Cyber Lab

Hazleton Area School District Supply Store

Location: 35A


MG Clothing

Location: 12

Contact: 570.710.5838


Victoria's Candies

Location: 7A

Contact: 570.455.6345

TJ Maxx

Location: 19.22

 Contact: 570.459.0370

Petables Puppy Boutique

Location: 49

Contact: 570.861.8411

Taco Bell

Location: N

Contact: 570.455.4711


Location: 31

Contact: 570.497.4966


Location: 26

Contact: 570.454.8336

Samson Productions Studio

Location: 44A 


Ripa Jewelers

Location: 16

Contact: 570.455.3451

Sneaker King

Location: 11

Contact: 570.501.1177


Location: 13

Contact: 570.450.0187

PA Skill Games-Laurel Mall Gift Certificates

Location: 45

Contact: 570.956.4699

Reviello Insurance Agency

Location: 58

Contact: 570.499.0504

Regal Cinema

Location: 0

Contact: 570.450.7340

Provost Shoes

Location: 23

Contact: 570.455.7704

Piercing Pagoda

Location: K3

Contact: 570.454.1496

Perfect Brows

Location: K5

Contact: 908.768.1000

Mariano's Furniture

Location: 17 

Location: 37

Contact: 570.455.0397

Many HomeGoods/Royal Prestige

Location: 54
Contact: 570.926.2199


Old Navy

Location: 3

Contact: 570.453.0171


Location: P

Contact: 570.579.0200

Available-Office Space

Location: 50

Contact: 570.

Wild Bunny-Women's & Children's

Location: 36

Contact: 570.591.0163

No Question

Location: 10 

Contact: 570.591.0163

Nail Art

Location: 41

Contact: 570.455.0664

Metro PCS

Location: 5

Contact: 570.501.0128


Location: D

Contact: 570.455.8315


Location: 53

Contact: 570.454.3980

M&T Bank

Location:: 29B

Contact: 570.450.7830

D'Jesus Jewelers

Location: 8 

Contact: 570.501.1729

Laurel Mall Management Office

Location: 44 

Contact: 570.454.2100

Holiday Hair Fashions

Location: 42

Contact: 570.454.9425

Slime Universe

Location: 55
Contact: 570.

Artisan Cottage and Crystals

Location: 38

Contact:  570.436.6370


Location: 6A
Contact: 570.455.0291

Gertrude Hawk Chocolates

Location: 15

Contact: 570.454.8490

Ambrose Hearing Center

Location: 4

Contact: 570.622.1435

Spark Orthodontics

Location: B 

Contact: 610.223.7777

Fix A Phone

Location: K4

Contact: 570.501.1801

Five Star Chinese Restaurant

Location: C1-2

Contact: 570.455.3478

Dunham’s Sports

Location: 61

Contact: 570.455.0914

Dollar Tree

Location: A1A

Contact: 570.455.8536

Cricket Wireless

Location: K14

 Contact: 570.497.4771

Maritza's Hair Braiding & Extensions

Location: 25

Contact: 570.454.4432

2 Go Food

Location: 6

Contact: 570.599.5001

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Claire’s Boutique

Location: 46
Contact: 570.459.2117

Cigar Box

Location: 56
Contact: 570.459.3099

Cell Fashion/Boost Mobile

Location: K4

Contact: 570.501.1801

House of Envy

Location: 9 

Contact: 570.861.8131

Laurel Mall Storage

Location: 2



Location: 39

Contact: 570.455.9561

Bogart's Sports Bar

Location: A2

Contact: No Phone

Mountain Valley Family Martial Arts

Location: 57 

Contact: 570.956.5609

Truist Bank

Location: E

Contact: 570.459.4350×4

D'Jesus Jewelers

Location: 8

Contact: 347.759.8947

Auntie Anne’s Hand-Rolled Pretzels & Planet Smoothie

Location: 24
Contact: 570.454.4215


Location: A-A1

Contact: Unlisted

Planet Fitness

Location : 1A

Bath & Body Works

Location: 48A-B

Contact: 570.450.7492



Location:: 15A

Contact: 570.459.9850


Shoe Department Encore

Location: 33

Contact: 570.455.5747


Caffe Europa

Location:: 29

Contact: 570.454.1569


New Chinese Massage

Location: 6B

Contact: 570.861.8500


Available-former Ground Round

Location: B

Contact: 570.454.2100


The RC Shop

Genevieve's Deli

Location: A2A

Contact: 570.454.1028


Hobby Lobby

Location : 1B

The RC Shop

Location: 4A

Contact: 570.436.6876


House of Envy

Location: 12

Contact: 570.497.4161

Samson Productions Office

Location: 40A

Contact: No Phone


Tri-State Security Solutions

Location: 40

Contact: 570.861.8700


TMobile/GP Mobile

Location: 31

Contact: 570.497.4966


Hazleton Area School District Cyber Lab

Location: 35
Contact: 570.